Over more than a decade, I've amassed quite a diverse collection of writing samples. This is only a small set of examples. If you want to see more, please contact me


Web Resources

Finding Sources (website) - video lessons and activities to help students learn Google Scholar, the Texas Tech library website, and how to cite sources

Technical Communication Portfolio (website) - a place to showcase the work I completed in the Texas Tech master’s in technical communication program

Audio Reports

Grading Deferred (SoundCloud) - interviews with students and experts on grading writing


Suggested wireframes for the Lubbock Public Library (Axure online)

Professional teaching website wireframes (PDF) - the starting point for this site


A Balanced Writing Program Administrator (PNG) - an overview of tips shared by a successful college writing program administrator

Free Spirits and Control Freaks (JPG) - for Reliant

How to Add Weatherstripping (JPG) - for Reliant

Marketing Web Pages

AC/Heat Protect (JPG) – for Reliant

Reliant Rodeo Plan (JPG) – for Reliant

Storm Services (JPG) – for Reliant