Teaching Materials


My teaching approach focuses on audience, situation, problem solving, and usability. 


Teaching Philosophy

My teaching approach varies depending on the class topic and the students, but the core of my philosophy remains the same: help students learn and improve the skills they need but foster creativity, connection, and exploration...

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Sample Syllabus and Weekly Schedule

View my syllabus for teaching Introduction to Technical Writing, a 2000-level course at Texas Tech University. This includes a weekly schedule of lessons and assignments...

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Sample Assignment and Assessment Rubric

See an example group assignment description and assessment checklist as well as the general rubric for Texas Tech's Introduction to Technical Writing course...

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Sample Lesson

This lesson plan was designed to teach basic principles of project management, project management vocabulary, task definition, and how to complete a RACI chart to assign and understand project roles... 

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Web Resource

This site contains videos and PDFs I designed to guide students through Google Scholar, the Texas Tech online library, and basic MLA and APA citation rules.

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Lesson Plan Template

This template was designed for a graduate-level course, but it can be adjusted to fit other audiences and classes... 

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